Codes of Practice

Shearing Shed Health & Safety

Cleavers Shearing is an equal opportunity employer committed to:
• Providing a safe and healthy work environment.
• Developing an OH&S Policy and Emergency Program.
• Consulting with employees and others in workplace.
• Implementing a training schedule.
• Hazard identification and assessment process.
• Developing and implementing risk control measures.
• Promoting, maintaining and improving strategies in the workplace.

Employer Duty of Care

OHS Act requires the employer, as far is practicable, to
• Provide a safe and hazard free workplace.
• Provide information, instruction, supervision and training to enable employees to perform their duties so they are not exposed to hazards.
• To have workplaces as far as practicable, designed to be productive safe and healthy. eg:

– Good lightning and ventilation
– Workplace floors to be of a non slip nature
– Workplace free of all obstructions and free of all protruding nails
– Storage area for tool boxes, clothes, etc.

• Provide safety and protective gear (goggles, back aid supports) as required.
• All plant to be isolated or guarded.
• Hygienic washing facilities.
• First Aid kit located in shed, fully stocked for injuries only (not for everyday use).
• Supply fire extinguishers suitable for all types of fire.
• Provide accommodation of a suitable nature clean and tidy.
• Provide kitchen and dining room fully equipped to be a designated smoke free area.
• Showers and toilets in clean and tidy condition.
• Ensure health and safety of visitors to workplace by not exposing them to risk.
• Unlawful for employer to dismiss employee for making complaints about health and safety matters or being a OHS representative.
• Minimum payment to be Federal Pastoral Award.

OH&S Policy and Program

• To commit to a safe and healthy workplace.
• Put in place OH&S training and education.
• Work methods evaluated and try to improve.
• Advise employees on safety rules.
• Workplace inspection evaluation and feedback.
• Reporting of injuries, accidents and record keeping.
• Make available information for employees and others.
• Ensure managers and supervisors implement this policy and program.
• Managers and supervisors to be accountable for their responsibilities.

Employee Duty of Care

• To ensure their own health and safety.
• To avoid affecting health and safety of others through any act or omission at work.
• To comply, so far as they are reasonably able, with any instructions given for their and any others health and safety.
• To use any protective equipment provided, when requested, in the manner they have been instructed.
• To report any hazard, injury or accident.
• Consider some warm-up exercise before commencing work.
• Regular intake of fluid is recommended.
• Always wear appropriate footwear and clothing.
• Smoking: Consider others in workplace.
• Alcohol and non-prescribed drugs are not allowed in workplace at any time.
• Consider health and safety of others in regards noise.
• Work hours are as stated in Federal Pastoral Award.